Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Lovely Things....

Two thank yous, one for Jenny for sending me a lovely parcel and one for Royal Mail for not losing it!! Inside was this brilliant card which is actually very funny for those that know me in real life (not just in blog-land);

There was this beautiful little bundle;

Inside which was some lovely little chocolates;

There was also an amazing ATC, titled 'Summer Daisies';

A beautiful blue dangly thing for my bedroom;

Three wonderful button rings, mine is red and black, Francesca wanted the pink sparkles and Elizabeth wanted the purple one;

After a morning opening lovely goodies Francesca, Nathaniel and I went to lunch at Lynsey's and after lots of lovely food Lynsey and I sat and crafted while the children played contentedly. I took along my Knit-Wit and created this rather fancy bracelet. I have layered orange and yellow flowers with a vintage button centre onto a braided wristband with button closure. Not sure about the colour but quite impressed, expect to see more soon;

Daisie xxx

Decorative Poo.

Could have kissed the post man yesterday as he delivered my Knit-Wit, yes I know it's cheating but it is such a wonderful thing. I love working with yarn and am quite a good knitter (to say I've only been doing it since Christmas) but my crochet work is not what it should be. I saw a Knit-Wit online while looking for something else but it was far too expensive . And what do we do when something is too many pennies? We put it into eBay and see what turns up. I won it for just £1 and 4 pence :-) It is two amazing plastic devises with sharp pop out prongs (sounds scary I know, not for the children to play with me thinks) that you can twist yarn round and sew together and you can make lots and lots of these, in circles;

and squares;

I made lots last night and have sewn them all together to make a blanket for Bo. Francesca very pleased indeed. Have made some round ones with no border on (just flowers) and Elizabeth wants me to turn them into hair clips for her.

The possibilities are endless, sew them into a blanket, use fine cotton yarn and make doilies, scarves, belts, bags, cardigans......

Whilst getting some jobs done this morning after the school drop, Nathaniel was sitting quite happily playing on the carpet while I bussled about him with a vacuum cleaner but then began to cry. On closer inspection I found he had a pencil of Francesca's (bad sister for leaving it on the floor) that has strings of seed beads on the end to waggle while you write. Three of the strings now have no beads! Social services are bound to take him away now, I put him in the washing up, leave his hands behind at playgroup and now have let him eat beads, I am a bad bad mother indeed! Getting back to the title of my post though, we are such a crafty family that we even have decorative poo (or at least Nathaniel will have in a day or two)!

Daisie xxx

Monday, 28 April 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

We need to say a very big happy birthday to my friend Heather who is thirty years old today (she won't mind me telling you)! Heather is my oldest friend, we were at school together from the age of 11, we have very different lives but stay in touch even after all this time. I am so glad that my name then came after hers alphabetically otherwise we'd never have sat next to each other in French when we were sweet Year 7 pupils. We had a lovely teacher Mme. Reese (can't remember how she spelled it, bet Heather knows) who had the biggest 'bingo wings' in the world which filled us with mirth every time she wrote something on the blackboard! She always used to wear the most amazing crocheted vest tops which we made fun of at the time but personally I would go for a crocheted vest top now (how we change)! I posted her present by special delivery on Saturday so it was guaranteed to arrive today (cost a bloody fortune) and I will have very harsh words for Royal Mail if it hasn't arrived!! This is what was in the parcel;

Her maiden name was Salthouse and nearly six years ago when taking Elizabeth on her first seaside holiday in Norfolk I drove through a small village called Salthouse. I took a photo of the sign as you entered the village, it had the speed limit above it and when the photos came back from the developers (blimey, it was a long time ago) I thought it would be good to save for her 30th birthday. I have mounted the photo onto a copy of a map of the area and have put the whole lot onto a wooden frame so she can hang it (probably in the downstairs loo but I don't mind) and think of me whenever she sees it!! The bag was also in the parcel with the kilt pin brooch and a scarf to match;

This photo doesn't really do this yarn justice, it's two or three shades of brown with a bronze thread running through it, I have finished it off with long chocolate brown tassels.

Goodies from yesterday were fab, have been having a play with them today. I bought some amazing pens for drawing on acetate, expect some more sparkly window cards coming this way. Have made a lovely flying dragon one for Rohana but realised as I dropped it into the post box that I hadn't taken any pics, der! I got some amazing brads and lots of fancy embossed cards. Two lovely tubs of mixed glass beads, am going to make some more beaded bracelets, Mum came and got hers today and was really impressed. Have told her that if anyone asks where it comes from to point them in my direction! Will stick some on etsy soon, still waiting for my first sale. Lots of people have visited me and after only ten days sixty one people heart me (sorry for confusing non-etsy people, go have a look at me and all will be revealed)! Am getting quite obsessed, I check at least three or four times a day how many people love me, Elizabeth asks me how many people love me when I collect her from school, we really should get out more!

And finally a big thank you to my lovely husband who is washing the dishes while I lay in bed with my poorly teething son and the computer on my lap, I love you Simon!!

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 27 April 2008

A Good Day!

A big thank you to my Mum who brought me back a big bag of buttons from her last visit to her house in France;

And another thank you for taking me to a huge craft fair at Aintree Racecourse today. Her friend Rohana makes silver clay jewellery and got us complimentary passes (saved us £6 each). Rohana's work is beautiful and I have spent alot of today trying to convince her that she needs to open an etsy shop! Hope she takes my advice and then you can all see her work too!

Mum saw a lovely beaded bracelet but sadly it wasn't for sale so I made her one this evening, not quite sure it's as good as the one at the fair but I am quite pleased with it (excuse the scary 'reaching arm' photo);

Off to bed now, will tell you about all the money I spent on lots of lovely crafty goodies tomorrow!

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Two Cat Family

Firstly, a fond farewell to Mr. Hercule Davies;

The terrible wet (smelly) poo was a sad symptom of the feline leukaemia that Hercule had, he has been unwell for a while and was a very old man at nearly 13. I took him to the vet on Thursday afternoon only to be told that he had a huge mass in his abdomen and that there really was no treatment available for him. I brought him home so that we could explain to the children and let them say goodbye. He had lots and lots of cuddles.
While the girls were at school yesterday I fed him a tin of tuna and some chocolate buttons, both favourites that usually upset his tummy. Figured it didn't matter much. Nathaniel and I took him to the vet and he came out of his box and sat on the table for a cuddle and died while I held him and whispered in his ear. Very sad indeed but less so than having to watch him become more and more ill.

We will miss him very much. His brother and sister (Vincent and Josephine) have had a look for him but don't seem overly bothered. Such is feline love!

Now, lets get to blog business; I received this award from the lovely Twiggy she passed it on to five people but being a fairly new blogger I don't have that many favourites to pass it on to. Swirly said she didn't want one as she already has this one, fine says I! Have to wait for a different one to pass to her (hint, hint)!

So I would like to give this award to;
Jenny at Jenny Flower, Ruth at Tip Top Toppers, Sharon at Iris and Lily and Scary Mommy
Thanks for all the rantings and support and inspiration ladies!!

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 24 April 2008

I Won An Award!

A huge big thank you to Twiggy for giving me this award;

Found it last night while reading all in blog land, made my day as it had been a bit crap up until then really!
I will send it on later when I have more time, just wanted to shout about it and by doing it this way I get to do it again later!!
Thanks again Twiggy :-)

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ever Had One Of Those Days...?

Ever had one of those days where you seem to be breaking your back doing stuff and nothing goes right? Today has been one of those, it I was that way inclined it would drive me to drink!!

It started very early with a terrible smell, one of our cats, Hercule, has had a bit of an upset tummy, he is a very old man so we will forgive him but I was not impressed to venture downstairs and find very smelly, very runny cat poo all over my house! Argh! Thankful, yet again, that we don't have fitted carpets :-) Went flying round with the kitchen roll, a box of anti-bac wipes and a carrier bag before the girls came down and started to complain. OK, got it all, I think? Took everyone to school. Went to get some veggies and some sewing machine needles. Came home, opened the door and.....SMELL! No cats in, I booted them all out after their breakfast. Where was it coming from? Found a bit of a stain on the throw on the sofa so put that in the wash, febreezed the sofa and mopped the floors. Washed dishes (still there from breakfast, bad house wife!!) and set off to nursery to collect Francesca.

Came home, boiled an egg for Francesca, warmed pasta stuff from the other night for Nathaniel, had a quick sandwich. Checked email and had a look at my etsy shop; 21 people heart me :-)

Got sewing machine out to complete Heather's birthday handbag (nearly completed last night until mishap, that's why I had to go get needles). Not entirely happy with it;

but don't have any more of this fabric to try again, she'll love it anyway but I felt it wasn't up to my usual standard. To ease my conscience I made this little kilt pin brooch to go on it;

It has a small string of 'pearls', a string of red coloured wooden beads, a large wooden bead on an organza ribbon and a fabby mother of pearl antique button. Quite pleased with it, may try some more when I have time...

Then, after feeding Nathaniel, answering some questions from a very nice lady who came round to discuss post office closures in our area, long story, I turned this.....

into this.....

Then tried to make a dress for a little girl out of this fabby Laura Ashley fabric (I love it, I may turn some of it into a skirt for me) but it just didn't work. I reached the point when you start to think; 'who am I trying to kid, I can't do this?!'

Then it was time to go and collect Elizabeth from school, Nathaniel fell asleep in the pram, Francesca and I had a very strange conversation about electricity pylons (don't ask) and the sun was shining. Elizabeth was cheerful and lovely company when she came out into the playground, which is not always a given. We went to the park and had a swing and a slide, we saw some friends from playgroup who had come out for a walk in the sun. We strolled home picking daisies and dandelions from the grass and put them in our hair (no dog wee comments please!). Did spellings, I heard Elizabeth read while Francesca wore my one and only pair of heels. The children had tea and on the way up the stairs Elizabeth spotted the dress that went horribly wrong and asked if there was any of that fabric left as she really liked it, I said I'd see what I could do and then she said she'd have that dress "'cos it's just lovely, Mum". Made everything alright again, thanks darling!!!

Daisie xxx

Monday, 21 April 2008

Fame (?) At Last!!!!

The excitement here is huge, I have been featured on cuteable a big, big thank you to Lynsey just waiting for loads of new traffic and hopefully some sales!
Watch this space.....

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Think I May Have Had My Flowers Too Long!?

Well, I have finally entered the world of Etsy, what fun!! Simon and I have been struggling with PayPal buttons for my website for such a long time (without success) and it was just getting silly, I was making no internet sales and the site hosting is costing plenty pennies so we went the other route. I am waiting to create a banner for the front of the shop, that was a little beyond me in my PJ's!

Tonight I have edited my website and removed all info on postage and payment etc so it is now just a show case of my work with a link to the Etsy shop.

Quite pleased with my achievements today, even if we didn't manage to get dressed!!

My friend Julie bought me some lilies the other week and the last few days I have been removing fallen petals from the top of the piano and thinking I should really throw them out soon. My mind was made up when I looked up from the computer this afternoon and was confronted with this;

Night, Daisie xxx


I have opened my Etsy shop
How stressful was that!?
Still in last night's pyjamas, children have been bathed and put in clean pyjamas so not a completely wasted day.
Need to go and feed everyone and put the little ones to bed, will try and get back later and tell you all about my day, with a huge glass of wine and maybe I'll push the boat out and have a Double Decker too!!

Daisie xxx

Friday, 18 April 2008


We finally made it to Manchester Art Gallery to see the button exhibition!! We've been meaning to go for ages and I'm so glad we did, it was fab!! I was tempted to sweep them all into my handbag and run home and count them and sort them and just love them but that would be a bad thing to do and I do try to be a good girl. I did take millions of pictures though but have only included a few in my blog.....

Oh, to have £3 million to spend on buttons....

More buttons than you can shake a stick at.....

There were lots and lots of novelty buttons and children's buttons, in this pic there are mini wooden sailors (on the left), shiny metal saxophones, butterflies, pandas, dogs, fish, flowers and some funky plastic sunglasses. I used to have some of these on a cardigan in the height of style when a small girl in the 80s....

There were buttons on boots....

And buttons on gloves....

And a super button hat that we all tried on....

All this excitement was too much for Nathaniel....

And I just don't get this, do you....?

Anyway, I could stay here and ramble about buttons all day and the trip to Primark that followed, lets just say that Elizabeth has lots of new knickers and two t-shirts, Francesca has two pairs of trousers, I have some linen trousers and Nathaniel has two pairs of PJ's and seven new vests!!!!
Off now to explore Lancaster Castle....
Daisie xxx

Monday, 14 April 2008

What A Weekend!

Well after our super productive day on Friday the weekend took a bit of a nose dive. On Saturday morning Francesca woke with a huge blister in the palm of her right hand, her fingers swollen and purple and cold. Off we went to hospital, all four of us as Simon was away! Many hours later we are none the wiser as to what it is or where it came from. There is nothing she could have burnt it on in the house and it doesn't seem to be a bite or sting. They did frighten me when they asked if she had any more on her body, after frantically stripping her off we didn't find any, phew!! After lots of umm-ing and ah-ing they drained the blister and dressed her hand. Her fingers are back to normal but her hand is sore. So sore that 'Bo' has been allowed out of bed. 'Bo' is the ted you can see in her hand, 'Bo' has a pink dress and knitted handbag, she even has a wedding veil!! 'Bo' used to go everywhere with us until Francesca turned 4 and then she was banished to the bedroom. You are too big at four to take your ted everywhere you go!!

Here she is, the invalid;

Nothing got made on Saturday and Sunday wasn't much better! I did manage to make some layered paper flowers;

Today was a little better, the sun was shining so the children and I washed the car, it's quite shiny now! Elizabeth has had an eye test, you'll be pleased to hear she has two!! And we made a mini fish tank from some blue bubble wrap and an old shoe box;

Tomorrow we are off to meet some friends at a play centre, will we have blue or red tongues this week?!
Daisie xxx

Friday, 11 April 2008

Things That I made Today....

Another productive day here in the Davies' house, while the girls were finishing their breakfast (do all children take an age to eat or is it just mine?) I made a paper pattern for a handbag, an idea came to me. This is what I ended up with;

I think that it could perhaps be a bit fuller in the bottom and it needs a bit of tweaking but it's fully lined and I have stiffened the handles with plastic tubing, it looks really good. I like it, expect to see more in this style made from my amazing upholstery fabrics! While I did this the girls made a miniature seascape with some blue bubble-wrap at it's centre, quite cool.

Then we went into town to visit the post office and Poundland (for eBay packing materials) and had a good visit to The Works (bookshop) as they're closing down and lots of goodies are rather cheap. Then we went to see Lynsey and had some lunch, thanks Lyns!!

Home again mid afternoon to make a birthday card for the sister-in-law, then a brief walk to post it. Supervised Elizabeth making a card for her friend Ellie-Kay's birthday on Sunday.

I made this rather lovely mousy shirt for my niece, Mhairi, who will be 11 on Sunday. It came from my fabric finds of yesterday and it has a swirly whirly tail that goes round the back of the shirt;

Then I made this hot pink cord shoulder bag, with mouse, to put it in;

Finally I made this little oil skin number for Elizabeth to deliver Ellie-Kay's presents in;

I did also make a shepherd's pie but we ate that and I didn't take any pics!
Daisie xxx

Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Craft Has Begun!!

The mad creative juices are well and truly flowing in the Davies' household!

Here is Elizabeth with a little gift type bag I made with a paper flower, needs a bit of refining but when an idea takes me I just have to go with it and see what happens;

I also said that the girls were doing things with CDs, well we have many creations but this is Elizabeth's (as it was the only one that would photograph) very OCD me thinks, wonder where she gets that from?! Pretty though and adds to all the things in my window that save me from cleaning them too often!!

Off now to cut and pin an idea I had for a handbag for a friend's up and coming birthday, aiming to sew it together tomorrow but I don't sleep very well when Simon's not here (will no doubt check the back door several times before settling) so it may be ready by morning, it's either that or the ironing!!

Night, Daisie xxx


Blimey, can't believe it's been so long! Bad, bad blogger!!
The children are all at home, that's my excuse!
Simon is away now for a few days so there will be lots of creative happenings here and we won't be tutted at when we leave our stuff all over the place! The girls have already started doing things with CDs, pics will follow soon, I have no doubt!
Need to have a sort of my fabrics later as Elizabeth and I visited SAMS (a local organisation that recycles things from industry that would otherwise end up in land-fill sites) this morning and came back with lots of things; three huge cushions (in crap covers but that can soon be rectified), a pile of fabrics for handbags, dresses and anything else I feel inspired to make, some fancy paper, some black felt, some picture frames, some wool, felt circles, a phone charger (?) and far too many things to list......

Here are some of my most exciting fabric finds;

The prints are quite big as they are designed for children's soft furnishings so I may just use images from them to embellish garments instead of using them as my main fabric, we'll see!

As I said the girls are on holiday. We don't seem to have done very much but it's good just to have all my babies here with me.
We have, however, had fun in a tent;

And turned our tongues blue drinking slushies with our friends at a local play centre;

That's all for now folks!
Daisie xxx