Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Happy Christmas From Daisie Towers

"Aaaa pap pap crispie!"

Me and my beautiful girlies;

Snowman buns;

Presents under our tree (see, floor and skirting and everything!!);

And silly hats and whistles at lunch time;

We had a crazy crazy week sorting and cleaning and generally making ourselves very tired indeed. It looks amazing, will post some dedicated pics later in the week. We managed to get the tree up and we had friends round for crafting and snowman bun making. Christmas day was just seven, the six of us and Ant, the spare wheel on our family wagon. We did it all again on Boxing Day with the in-laws, my brother and his wife and my sister and her partner, it was great them coming here and not going there, easier for me and the children.

Lots of fun here, I hope you've all a wonderful time celebrating whatever you celebrate.

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Oh Dear

I do wonder why on earth we thought this was a good idea. I have no doubt that it will be amazing when it's finished but that doesn't stop me rocking in a corner sometimes when no one is looking.

This past weekend we dug out the old fireplace;

And Simon set to removing the knackered, old, holey, mismatched ( a bodge by a previous owner) floorboards;

It's so very cold and draughty, no fun at all.

We have had an old door for many many years that gets moved around the house and has never been put to use until now, a great place for an impromtu fish finger picnic;

They reminded me a little of that famous photo of the men eating their packed lunches on a crane with New York as the back drop, you know the one I mean, made me smile.

Needless to say but my good humour seems to have disappeared with the floor, am not such a happy bunny at the mo but last week of work, children finish school on friday and we can get cracking and sorting and be ready for a Davies Christmas to remember!!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Not My Finest Moment As A Dressmaker!!

Nathaniel is to be a Prince in the infant nativity play later this week. School, as ever, left it a little late to ask for costumes, so I quickly cobbled together an outfit from an old bed sheet and some blue felt;

I was aiming for Prince but he saw 'Ninja';

Excuse his terrible skin, it's so dry and gets sore now the weather is colder, he is Diprobase Boy but still scartches when no one is looking.

But he is delightfully beautiful and his eyes sparkle so as he's been practicing his line; "I will bring the baby an enornorous emerwald!"

Really looking forward to friday afternoon now :)

And in other random news, there is a new boy in the reception class and...... he's called....... Nathaniel!!!! My boy is now known as Nathaniel D! Outrage!! My children have never had to use the surname initial before :(

Hope you're all surviving the cold/snow/Christmas preparations etc??

Daisie xxx