Sunday, 30 November 2008

My 'Island' Stall

I was very cheeky and rang a school just over the road from us (posh private one so not one we attend) who were hosting a craft fair yesterday, they said yes, They'd love me to come.

Off we set (not so early as we didn't have far to travel), Elizabeth, her friend Myah, Francesca and I with the car packed full of my goodies. It was obvious when we arrived that my stall had been added as an extra as had two others and we were all squashed together in the middle of the hall. I panicked somewhat as I have always had a clear front and back to my stalls in the past. After an initial heart pounding, palm sweating oh my godding I decided that the fancy half of my cloth should face the door and the rest we'd just make up as we went along!

Here's the front;

Here's the back;

Here's the end (that people kept squeezing past and knocking things off);

I usually have my 'little bottles of' hanging from a washing line between the two bead boards but thought rather than have nasty brown backs showing everywhere I'd pin (with my fancy button thumb tacs) the bottles to the back of the boards. I put some cards along the bottom too just to make it look like I knew what I was doing and was completely prepared!

And here is the last picture we took before the camera battery died (typical), the girls had spent ages arranging my tree hanger thingies;

There were lots of other things going on too and the girls went off and decorated china mugs (pics will follow when battery recharged) and made gingerbread men (no pics of these as they didn't last long)!!

The fair was only three hours and the organisers just wanted 10% of any takings. The stall next to me (£50 handbags, £25 scarves etc) took over £300 so they paid more than I did, very fair me thinks! I sold three brooches, lots of tree hangers and some hair clips, some note cards and other bits and pieces. A very good day indeed, I will be going again me thinks!

Daisie xxx

Friday, 28 November 2008

A Quote For Today!

'Whatever you give a woman, she will make greater.
If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby.
If you give her a house, she'll give you a home.
If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal.
If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart.
She multiplies and enlarges whatever is given to her.
So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.'

How true!

Daisie xxx

A Big Favour

I am getting very cheeky indeed this week! I have stopped joggers and cyclists, harassed people in asda, at playgroups and the school yard. I am determined to find a match (see side bar) for Julie!!

I have just had a lovely conversation with Julie and while things do look quite bleak and whatever happens she and her family have a mountain to climb she is up beat and optimistic (as only a mother of small children can be at such times).

Bad news came to her last week when a possible match turned out not to be after all :-( Julie's case has now been classed 'rare' and 'urgent'.

I am asking all my lovely bloggy pals to have a look here and if you have the time to spare I would be so grateful if you would organise a bone marrow donation registration clinic where you are. It is an awful lot to ask and please don't feel obliged in any way.

If you are wanting to help simply find the person on the list who is responsible for your area, contact them and find a venue (GP's surgery, community centre, school) that is willing to 'host' your event. The Anthony Nolan staff are wonderful and will do everything they can to help.

I know at this time of year everyone is very busy but what a gift to give; Life!

If not for Julie, for the hundreds of other people who are relying on a bone marrow transplant to see next Christmas!

Thank you, Daisie xxx

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Loads Of Scrap

Nathaniel and I went to SAMS this morning to see what was about and to gather some goodies for Christmas presents and the like.

Almost immediately he grabbed a handbag sized marmite jar;

He carried it around all morning while I looked in all the nooks and crannies. Inside were these lovely toast shaped stencils and a marmite 'spreader' and an instruction sheet (as if good marmite loving people need any guidance)!

It was a very conservative gathering on my part. I found three pieces if beautiful fabric, one is to be a new bag for me and one is earmarked for a present for Julie (more cards have arrived this morning, thanks chaps!), some felt scraps in the most amazing colours (I think there may be some more of these in new yummy colours), some card in blue and purple with 'windows' in (can feel some Christmas cards coming on), a bundle of yummy autumnal coloured yarn (scarves and hats) and a few lengths of ribbon with stars on;

I have also managed to secure a stall at a local craft fair in a very posh private school on Saturday, good job everything is still packed from the last one!
Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Firstly a big thank you to Ruth for giving me this award;

This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships!These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends.
They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement.
Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers!
Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

I am then supposed to pass this on to eight more bloggy peeps but hang on one minute as I also got these from the lovely Pixiedust;

The Sweet Blog Award comes with condition that I come up with lots of sevens, can't guarentee sevens but here goes anyhoo........

Seven things I want to do before I die;

1. Have a full night's sleep ;-)
2. Run a little tea shop called; Daisie's (well, what else), I would make lots of cake and lots of lovely people would come from far and wide to eat it!
3. Become a grandma, but not just yet!
4. Be known the world over for my knitted lovelies (stop laughing).
5. Write a book, there is at least one in me........somewhere.
6. Celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary (very apt as today is the day Simon and I became a couple 14 years ago)!!!
7. Live by the sea.

Seven things I do now;

1. Look for headlice at least once a week with a flea comb and bright light!
2. Collect buttons and ribbons and sparkles (some of which I am sure will never be used by me but found in boxes (and boxes) and thrown away when I am dead).
3. Bite my nails until they hurt in times of stress.
4. Worry about what will happen to my children should I die.
5. Wish there were more hours in the day.
6. Sleep far too little.
7. Eat far too much (see my lack of waistline)!!

Seven things I can't do;

1. Crochet, I have tried but the skill does not reside in me :-(
2. Follow a recipe/knitting pattern/any instruction more than once.
3. Read Latin.
4. Speak Spanish.
5. Lick my elbow.
6. Wear my size 10 jeans :-(
7. Drink more than two glasses of wine without going to sleep!

Seven things I find attractive in the opposite sex;

I can't do this one as I feel that each answer should be Simon (and it is really) but if I had to trade him it would be for Morrissey or Daniel Craig or Max Beasley or Richard Hammond and I can't tell you what the seven things are that attract me to them. Just because!

Seven things I say most often;

1. "I said put your knickers on!" usually uttered and then asked and then screamed at various intervals between 7.45 am and 8.15 am on school days.
2. "Shit" (I know it's very naughty but sometimes only 'shit' will do).
3. "F***" (see above)
4. "I've had an idea!"
5. "Sorry"
6. "Just making a cake"
7. "What do you want for tea?"

Seven celebrities I admire;


Seven of my favourite foods;

1. Marmite on toast.
2. Hot porridge.
3. Brazil nuts.
4. kiwi fruit.
5. Mushrooms in creme fresh and lemon.
6. Breakfast in bed.
7. Anything I haven't had to make for myself (or am expected to wash up after).

Seven people to join in;

We'll come back to this later.....keep you all in suspense!

Daisie xxx

Monday, 24 November 2008

Bread And Cakes And Stuff

Busy day already and it's only lunch time!

Nathaniel and I have made bread rolls to go with our soup (made that at the weekend) for tea;

He loves kneading the dough and tastes it every now and again (what would H&S say!!).
Here they are fresh from the oven;

While we were in the kitchen waiting for the bread to prove we made a cake;

We have also changed the beds (because it's Monday), given the bathroom a once over just in case the Swirly clan need the use of our facilities in the next few days, done some washing, hung some washing up to dry and I have been looking at the folksy flickr group far too often (think I may be becoming obsessed)!

When we've had some lunch we are off to a new movement and music group. Nathaniel is very shy and I think some silliness with other children will do him some good. We'll see.

Daisie xxx

Blog Candy

Just a quickie to say go have a look at Ruth's Blog Candy but don't leave a comment cos I wanna win!!!!!! Only joking, kinda!!!

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 23 November 2008

I Nearly Died Of Hypothermia!

Sorry I have been away all week but it's been a bit mad really.

Julie's (see side bar) possible donor turns out to not be a match and there is the possibility of a matching donor in Spain but it's all very hit and miss at the moment and it was a huge blow to me, god only knows how Julie and her family must be feeling!?

With that in mind I have been a woman on a mission and have been leaflet dropping and generally harassing Joe Public where ever I go. I am hoping with all the good feedback and enquiries that we've had that we can add another 50 people to the register. Fingers crossed!

I also did a craft fair in Preston yesterday and it would have been a huge disaster had I not had the chance to meet the wonderful Jackie! She spent the afternoon teaching Francesca and I to felt! I can feel some more things needed for my stash! Love it, the results were amazing, Francesca's piece is not finished yet but there will be pictures when it is.

It was a slow day for everyone there and I didn't even take enough to pay for my stall :-( a small price to pay though for a day with my baby girl and a new skill! I did, though, sell Twiggy's brooch so need to knit another for her this week.

I will have full to bursting etsy and folksy shops unless some one can tell me of some lovely craft fairs to attend (I haven't been put off yet), I am based in East Lancashire and will travel a bit....? Please let me know!

Now, for the hypothermia! Blimey it's cold and being the wolly that I am I have spent ages out in the park this afternoon looking for the bestest place to photograph my Folksy Angel entry. I tried a privet hedge, a big huge bit of ivy over somebody's garden wall and found an amazing (and prickly) holly bush. I took lots (and some) of pics and this is the one I decided to use (eventually);

A winning entry?

I feel quite sick with the tension. The closing date is officially the 30th but only entries gathered by the 23rd (that would be today) are eligible to be used on the Folksy Christmas card. Hence the poncing around with holly bushes!!

Don't think I've got a chance really, I never win anything :-(
Not sulking *honest* Jackie!!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The Poor Postman!

I have been out leaflet dropping for the Anthony Nolan Clinic and I now pity the poor postman! You have trouble getting anything through people's letter boxes and if you're lucky you can get your fingers back with skin on! I have slipped on so many mossy paths that are full of wet leaves, Nathaniel has been laughing at me from the safety of his pram! And dogs, don't get me started, I have had at least ten heart attacks when the little (and big) blighters have barked and jumped up on the other side of the door!! I have also been harassing local business owners and some of them have been very nice and displayed posters for me! We'll not mention the others, tsk! I like delivering to terraced blocks that face straight onto the pavement and council semis as you can go down one path and do two doors at once as they are next to each other. Newer houses are a pain but hopefully I'll be able to get some girls from school to help me later!

It is still very sunny and actually quite mild out so we are off again soon to deliver some more en route to school. And I am aiming to take some of my goodies to the park when I have the girls to try and get some good photos for the competition. Fingers crossed!

And just in case you were interested the clinic will be on;

Thursday December 4th
Ightenhill Children's Centre
Oak Street
BB12 6QZ
From 2pm until 6pm.
Daisie xxx

Monday, 17 November 2008


Hello, just a quick one today as I have a banging head and Nathaniel still poorly and very grumpy with it!

The sun is not sunny and it is too wet to (play so we sit in the house and did nothing all day) take outside photos! Poo! Wanted to take some good ones for a competition I want to enter but more on that when it's not so dark and damp!

I have spent a little while this morning packaging the hair clips and ties I made ready for the fair on Saturday (not so nervous about this one and am really looking forward to it);

I am still in a quandary over price. They didn't cost me a huge amount to make but some time and a bit of artistic (ooh, get me) flair has gone into them and this is what people pay for, right? I always have the thought in my head of 'what would I pay for it?' and in this instance it doesn't work as I would see them and think 'ooh, I'll go home and make some...'

I have asked a couple of other crafters and some Mum's at school and my littlest sister and her friends and the answers range from £2 to £5, quite a difference me thinks! I was thinking along the lines of £2 or £2.50. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. What would you pay for some of these for your daughter/niece/granddaughter? Or yourself even! There will be the option of a gift box (see earlier post) for them too.

A little knitting and a cup of peppermint tea is in order now while Nathaniel sleeps (but who knows for how long).

The cards for Julie have started coming, thank you everyone!!
Thanks, Daisie xxx

Sunday, 16 November 2008


Little Brown;

Little Blue's new friend;

Little Brown is knitted in a heavier yarn so is slightly bigger, we rather love him! I am thinking that maybe he is small enough to fit in a pocket on a hottie.....?

You can see Little Brown over on craftjuice where I have put lots of new pics :-)

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lots Of Makes

Well Francesca made our tea today. She chopped mushrooms;

She made pizza dough;

Nathaniel did try and help chopping the mushrooms with a large ladle but he didn't manage to do very many;

We made our own pizza sauce with tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil all reduced down so it was rich and sticky. Francesca layered everything up and it looked like this;

It was the yummiest pizza I have ever eaten!!

I started knitting this little fellow last night;

And managed to finish him off this morning. He is knitted all in one piece so it's really quick and easy. I was worried that he'd look a bit naff but I think the simpleness just adds to his charm!? The girls are smitten and there is another one on my needles already! I think I may need a little more practise in doing teddy's faces, he looks a bit befuddled to me.

And I have spent ages playing with my new found knowledge of reusing plastic bags. I don't have many (but don't worry I will be raiding many kitchens in the next few days) so I had to use what was there. Because supermarkets like everyone to know where you shop it's hard to disguise the text. If you look closely you can identify the origin of all these bits of plastic;

I am really rather pleased with them but they are only small, gift bag size. When I have more in my stash all ironed up I'm going to make a big flowered one for my mother-in-law and maybe another chicken one for someone we know?

I need to go finish a ted and need some sleep. Nathaniel still very unwell and sleeping badly and when he is asleep I can't sleep as I'm listening to him breathe, or struggling to do so :-(

Daisie xxx

A New Project

I did a little knitting last night for a Christmas present (so no pics of that just yet) but while browsing craftjuice I found a plarn bag that is amazing! Much better then anything I managed to knit. I gave up, it just looked so tatty, was very hard to work with and my heart wasn't really in it. But this morning I have found this and am going to give it a try later on........

Daisie xxx

Friday, 14 November 2008

Cough, Wheeze, Knit!

Well Nathaniel spent most of yesterday afternoon wheezing on my lap so I managed to knit a flower or two and then managed to leave him in bed for a little while this morning and glued them all together;

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hospital Squatters!

Well, off Nathaniel and I went to the doctor's yesterday afternoon. His temp was really high, he had got very poorly very quickly. Luckily the girls had gone home from school with Claire (thanks pal) and I had picked Simon up early from work. Off the three of us went to the hospital. He was unresponsive by the time we got there, his poor little body was just too hot! Lots of paracetamol and ibuprofen, an inhaler and a chest x-ray. They sent us home late last night. He is a little better but am having to watch him when he's asleep as he is struggling to breathe and I am making sure that the paracetamol doesn't wear off so his temperature stays manageable.

He has snoozed after his inhaler this morning so I managed to put the ribbons in the tags on these little fellows that I made on Monday night;

I was requested to make eight for a customer but she couldn't decide what sort of paper she'd like them in so I made a batch out of all the suitable papers I had. There are some more cut out ready to stick together (when I get time), I figure she can choose the ones she wants and I'll take the others to the fair with me; "Would you like a gift box for your clips/brooch/little bottle of.../tree decoration madam?!" What do you think?

Going to make a cup of tea and see if I can knit a few more pink flowers for hair thingies before he wakes up and I am attached to my poor limpet boy for the rest of the day!

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


There she goes again with those enticing blog titles, I hear you cry!

I am sitting on the sofa in my dressing gown eating a badly made sandwich with one hand, trying to type and snuggle a boy with the other.

Nathaniel is ill, wheezing like a little old man :-( we are off to the doctors again after school. His chest is terrible! Always wheezy, snotty, coughy. Don't know where I went wrong? Perhaps it's that he's a boy and the girls were just more hardy? Anyhoo, to get back to the dressing gown situation........ He is very tired and grumpy ( especially as yesterday in a freak playing accident he dislocated his left elbow and spent the morning at the hospital having it pushed back together, boys!) so I thought if I took him to bed and laid down for a snuggle he would drop off and then I'd be able to sneak away and do some jobs. He did fall asleep but just as I was moving away he sat up and puked all over me. It was one of those moments where the sheer surprise of the event stops you from breathing! I grabbed him so I wouldn't have to change the bed again. I didn't know quite where to start the clean up so I did the most sensible thing I could; climbed into the bath! I stripped off our stinky wet clothes and put the taps on. Once the water was warm and deep enough I lowered him down and scrubbed. He was highly delighted to be in the bath with Mummy as that doesn't happen very often as there are usually sisters in there too. He spent ages washing my face very gently with his sponge, ah!

I felt I had to make a post as I haven't done for a couple of days and I miss it when I don't have my half hour ramble to blogland. I have been reading blogs though and have been excited by this weeks This Is... (you know the one I mean), not sure who started it or decides but am sure someone will let me know. This week it's favourite quotes. I have two which pretty much sum up my life. The first is an excerpt from a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo (does that count?): "I have put my heart and soul into my art and fear I have half lost my mind in the process." I feel like that often, just replace the word art with laundry/evening meal/homework/children/friends/knitting (I have to stop now, this list could be quite long). And the other is by Morrissey (swoon), I think it was a Smiths song but can't for the life of me remember which (again I'm sure someone will set me straight in the comments) "You can say I won't make it but I never said I wanted to, well, did I?!" It felt very relivant when I was 14 and it still does in so many ways.

There are no pictures and for that I apologise, maybe I'll manage to get back later.....?

Daisie xxx

Monday, 10 November 2008

I Hate Super Glue!

We had a wonderful day yesterday, the children and I went to the seaside shopping for pyjamas (they are having a massive pyjama party at school on Friday in aid of children in need) and after what was a lovely start to the day the howling wind and driving rain started and we were driven inside to eat our sausage roll lunch, no pier this time :-(

We had a great time though and bought lots of goodies (oops, there goes Saturday's profits). I missed them so much on Saturday.

And to get back to the bloody super glue......... I have been making these;

And these;

I glued a yellow flower onto a green (school) hair clip and added an orange button to the centre and wore it to the fair, not quite a daisy but can you see where I was going....? It got lots of nice comments so last night I knitted a few flowers and then have spent ages gluing them to various parts of my body and the dining room table! Hurrah! Success?! I am thinking these are quite cute and may be good sellers for Christmas stocking fillers?

The lamb is cooking slowly with some onion and parsnip in the oven and the house is tidy(ish) so am just going to give my son a big cuddle (and try to pick some glue off my fingers) before we set off to school.

Sticky, Daisie xxx

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Not A Millionaire Yet.........

Firstly I must just show you what was in that amazingly big pink present that I wrapped the other day;

Sadly I missed Anya's party today but Francesca and Nathaniel went along with Simon and had a wonderful time!

The fair was, uhm, different. It was a small prefab hut in the middle of an off street car park in leafy suburbia. I was a little let down when I arrived but everyone was very lovely and with lots of lovely, polite helpful girl guides who could not have fun. We set up the stall (Elizabeth, Claire and Kae-Lei came along) and were ready when the doors opened, the morning was good with a steady flow of people. I made a few sales and it was lovely to hear people praise my work! After a bit of a 'rush' Claire said jokingly that she ought to take a picture of the stall before we sold everything;

That saw an end to sales :-(

I did meet some lovely ladies (next stall to me) who were selling off their craft supplies, it filled a whole stall!!! I thought I had too much stuff! Needless to say I helped them a bit and bought a huge bundle of ribbon and a paper lace maker thingie (more about that when I've had a play) and some beautiful Christmas themed sweet/chocolate moulds.

I also met an amazing potter/ceramicist(?) called Louise Neilson who is so nice and friendly and her work is beautiful and full of charm. I bought a present for a fellow blogger so you'll have to check back during December to see that. She doesn't currently have a website but is working on it and will email me details when she does and I'll point you all her way.

I am, however, £27.50 nearer to making my first million! Don't laugh too much! But something is wrong with the world as although my brooches and beads took lots of complements not one of them went home with a new owner. There is always the next one!

Off to knit and stuff and say hello to my fabulous husband who I have missed today!

Daisie xxx

Friday, 7 November 2008

A very productive day here at Daisie Towers today.

Nathaniel and I gave Tumble Tots a miss this morning as he has been very sick in the night. Ugh! Very noisy, very smelly, horrid snot ridden stuff that made him heave until there was nothing left. Poor boy. He was his usual self again by breakfast time but so tired! We usually give Julie a lift from school (she is Julie that runs Tumble Tots at the sports centre or Mrs. Spencer at school or Lucy's Mum) as we are there anyway. I gave her a lift down today as it had already been arranged and I'd have felt bad making her go on the bus. She climbed into the car with two huge bags of stuff. One was balls and things for TT and the other bag was for me! How I squeaked! Lots of lovely craftie goodies for me and the children. Best of all was a little box of off cuts of ribbons and bits stolen from greetings cards (my favourite), will show you a pic soon. Thanks Julie!

Then I went to the post office to collect the float for tomorrow. £50 in change doesn't look very much. I expected it to be very heavy indeed. It's not. I even recounted it before I left as I thought the woman had made a mistake!

Nathaniel went to bed soon after we got home so I made four custom hotties. They are not due for delivery for a while but I thought they could come with me tomorrow and look pretty on my table;

Then there was a big bang on the door! A strange man! Who brought me a big box of posters and loads of flyers. The Anthony Nolan advertising had arrived, nearly kissed the man but managed to contain my excitement. I packaged up some for Julie's husband to share amongst her friends and some for my Mum who said she's stick them up and around and some other friends and the hospital and a doctors surgery or two and school. Monday morning will see the start of my pavement pounding and harrassing local business owners!

Home again with an extra child after school to roast some beef and make some yorkshire pudding;

Sorry that the picture is such a funny shape but I had to hide the grime in my oven! Didn't want it to stop you marvelling at my huge yorkshire. Had it risen any more it would have had it's own gravitational pull! I thought we ought to have a proper meal as it'll be something and beans tomorrow when I am all faired out!

I don't feel overly organised and have spent the day panicking and faffing and packing and unpacking and now a starnge calm has fallen on me and, you know what? It's gonna be fine!

Just to take the car seats out of the car and then off to bed and I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about it!

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lots of Coffee and Tea

I have made absolutely nothing today (I am screaming on the inside) but have been pampered beyond belief.

After the school drop I went to visit my lovely pal Caroline who made me drink coffee and chat, which was very nice indeed!

Then I went to see Swirly to drop off the beautiful pink presnet I wrapped yesterday and some rather nifty (even if I do say so myself) button drawing pins. She treated me to tea and a sandwich, very nice indeed!

Then came the food shop, not so great as I haven't made a menu plan for the coming week so am left with the feeling that I have forgotten something and may have to do another big shop before the week is out but my brain is full of carft fairs and panic so I think I can forgive myself this once.

Home to put away shopping, let Nathaniel have a sleep and check email, oh and drink more tea!

Off to school but only collected Francesca as Elizabeth stays for a dance class. Quick cup of tea at Claire's (yes my bladder will be the size of a football before the night is over) while indulging my middle daughter's fantasy of being an only child. Very nice indeed!

Back to school and here I am writing a quick post while the potatoes bake in the oven for tea.

One good bit of craft fair stuff happened today though with the arrival of my card stand;

I was beginning to think it wasn't going to get here in time, phew!

Anyway, the salad and the tuna mayo won't make itself and the children are starving...

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Quick Update

For Twiggy and Sue and anyone else who would like to come meet Daisie.....

I will also be appearing (ooh, get me) at a

Craft Fair and Workshop Day at

Lostock Hall High School, Todd Lane North, Lostock Hall, Preston, PR5 5UR

On Saturday November 22nd

I don't know if this is nearer for you or not but each of the fairs are about an hour from me in opposite directions. Should be a good day, lots of demos and things to try out for yourself and (of course) me!!!!

Daisie xxx


Nathaniel and I have finished this set of beads that we have decided to call 'Humbug';

Wrapped a very special present;

I am in need of showing you what it is but someone might see, so we'll have to wait!

Had an amazing indepth conversation about the goings on today in American politics while eating baked beans on toast;

He's a very knowledgable, opinionated little boy, a great conversationalist, honest!

We have stamped some bags for the fair;

Well, I stamped, Nathaniel poked his finger in the ink and picked his nose and was doing a rather convincing impression of Hitler until I attacked him with a wet cloth!

And prepared all the veggies for tea.

Some more beads to do and some more skate tree hangers, and girls to collect (mustn't forget).

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What Do You Get......

...................when you combine the generosity and knowledge of two bloggy pals and some vintage buttons from France and some HUGE (no, really, HUGE) bulldog clips and some old fashioned thumbtacs (that I might just add are near impossible to buy) and some beautiful handmade paper and unnatural creative genius (you can stop laughing now, I was only joking)?

You get beautiful pins for putting notices (or infact anything) on cork boards and amazing price display stands! That's what!

Firstly take some oldie worldie drawing pins (thimbtacs) the brass ones with flattish tops, not rubbishy plastic ones. Find your stash of buttons, waste several hours looking at them all and trying to decide which ones will look best, realise there are only so many hours in the day and grab a random handful, using your Bostick (and, of course, in true BBC style: Other adhesives are available) glue one to the other. I don't think it matters how but I found it easiest by sticking the pin into the board and gluing the button on so it could sit flat while it dried. Some look slightly wonky and I'm not sure how well they'll withstand use, may have to adjust glue type, button size, not sure really, watch this space.........

But am very pleased with how they turned out;

They will add to the beautiful handmade look of my stall (well, that's the plan)!

Now my friend Ruth pointed me in the direction of this when I asked her if she could cut Bookatrix stands (she can't but these are much better)! Thanks Ruth!

Glued on handmade paper off cuts, scrappy bits of ribbon, no good for anything else, and a random button or two and I think you'll agree that they look rather splendid!?

I have printed off clear prices for all my goodies and mounted them onto brown card;

I am looking forward to placing these in and around my stuff.
Off now to iron before school pick up, yawn!
Daisie xxx

Monday, 3 November 2008

A Belated Birthday

!!Happy First Birthday Li-Bau!!

A very happy first birthday (yesterday, sorry) to Nathaniel's bestest friend in the whole wide world! Li-Bau;

We all had a wonderful time at his party yesterday and he (and his Daddy) really liked his mini golf clubs, especially the little club warmers I knitted;

There was so much food that we were invited back today to finish them for lunch. Nathaniel sat in a big boy's chair next to Francesca;

And Elizabeth and Kae-Lei filled the other side of the table;

And I must say that the food was as good as it was yesterday (if not better)!

The children and I were out far too early this morning shopping for bulldog clips (am taking on a quick project) and some large paper clips. I have made some ice skate boots to mount on cards but wanted to do some in felt to hang on Christmas trees. These clips are 7.5cm in length and I got to sew some this afternoon while drinking tea;

At Claire's suggestion I am going to re-do the boot with the shorter row of laces, they look much better when the laces start nearer the toe.

I also managed to get some more mini hot water bottles so will be able to take orders at the fair after all!!

I need to go now and find some school uniform to iron for tomorrow and dig out clean PE kits, can't quite believe that the holidays are over already :-(

May be back later with some fancy bulldog clips....

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Six Days, Argh!

There are only six days until my craft fair debut! Argh!!!!!

I set up my stall (well, the dining room table) during the week to get a feel for what it will look like. Looking good, I was surprised just how much stuff I have made in the last few weeks. There are still some knitted beads sets to be laced and arranged, a few more red tree hangers are needed as there are lots of green trees on my dnagle stand (see above). The dangle stand itself may or may not make it to the fair.....Simon is of the opinion that it is a little naff...........his point was only highlighted when Francesca asked if she could have her beads on it in her new looked awful on the box and it came with some really (no, really) nasty baubles (that Francesca has nicked) and I knew what he meant but when I added my own dangles and put it in the centre of my stall I was very pleased with the look of it.......? I like it! And I need to stop panicking! Argh! Six days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knitting to do, toodle-oo!

Daisie xxx

PS: I will be appearing at the Sylvia Roberts Guide Hall, Cross Road, Heald Green, SK8 3LW on this coming Saturday from 10am until 4pm if anyone is around and about and fancies coming to say Hi?!