Saturday, 1 November 2008

Six Days, Argh!

There are only six days until my craft fair debut! Argh!!!!!

I set up my stall (well, the dining room table) during the week to get a feel for what it will look like. Looking good, I was surprised just how much stuff I have made in the last few weeks. There are still some knitted beads sets to be laced and arranged, a few more red tree hangers are needed as there are lots of green trees on my dnagle stand (see above). The dangle stand itself may or may not make it to the fair.....Simon is of the opinion that it is a little naff...........his point was only highlighted when Francesca asked if she could have her beads on it in her new looked awful on the box and it came with some really (no, really) nasty baubles (that Francesca has nicked) and I knew what he meant but when I added my own dangles and put it in the centre of my stall I was very pleased with the look of it.......? I like it! And I need to stop panicking! Argh! Six days!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knitting to do, toodle-oo!

Daisie xxx

PS: I will be appearing at the Sylvia Roberts Guide Hall, Cross Road, Heald Green, SK8 3LW on this coming Saturday from 10am until 4pm if anyone is around and about and fancies coming to say Hi?!


Swirlyarts said...

Looking good :)

Jackie said...

Craft fairs can be unpredictable...but I hope you do well.

jennyflower said...

Good luck, I wish I could come along. The hanger is very practical but I wonder if you could could put something over the very shiney base? Just a circle of felt, or card maybe, If card maybe you could write your price on? I bought some little buttons; white with a red rim the other day, can I bung some in the post for you?

Sharon said...

Yay! you were the first commenter (is a that a proper word?)- help yourself to an award! Good luck with the craft fair!

Tip Top said...

I think it looks fine!

Pixiedust said...

Lovely daisy. I've got my first fair thursday evening, its just at a cheese and wine evening, then the proper christmas fayre is on the 16th, still so much sewing to do. I hope you do really well at the fair.