Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Whole Year!?

I can't believe that yesterday was a whole year since our littlest boy arrived in our lives;

It was a long day for us all and not at all what we had planned but he arrived safe and sound and within three hours of his hospital delivery I was snuggled up in my own bed at home, so not all bad really.

I feel like a really bad mother after the train crash of a birthday cake;

It tasted good though!!

Sebastian was slightly alarmed when we all sang to him;

But soon got over it when he could get his hands on the goodies;

Happy Birthday baby Seb!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Knit, Knit, Knit, Knit, Knitting!!

I haven't done any real knitting for ages, please bear in mind that I only do little projects anyway as I like to finish and move on, instant gratification and all that. Last night I knocked out this funky girlie beanie hat for me (well, it has to be for me as I made a small mistake in the pattern and although I have been reassured by everyone in the house that it's not visible, I know it's there and couldn't be bothered to frog). It does look good though and is rather cosie;

There must be a way to take good pictures of yourself, tips anyone?!

In my new knitty mood, am sure it's the colder and darker evenings that drive me to it, I got out all the boxes of yarn that are stashed upstairs looking for inspiration, I found some beautiful and silky feeling yarn I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show last year. It was a big twisted skien and looked so amazing and professional until I wound it, badly, into this uninspiring 'ball';

But then I turned it into this;

Ooooooh, it's pretty and is available (with free postage and packing) in my shop!

I'm not the only one knitting in the Davies' househlod this weekend, a crippled Elizabeth (she tripped last night and hurt her toe, I told her to not be so silly and get some sleep and it would be better in the morning, actually by this morning it was huge and purple, it is the worst bruise I have ever seen!), slippers for school tomorrow! While she's been laying around feeling sorry for herself she has started on her finger knitting christmas gift list;

Don't you just love her old lady slippers!? Am hoping that the children will get me some for christmas.

Daisie xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

A Quick Round-Up

This week has just gone in a blur, there have been so many changes to our lives this last few weeks, the most amazing is that my big man Nathaniel has started his nursery school place, all three and four year old children in the Uk are entitled to fifteen hours a week (term time) of free education. This can either be knocked off a full time place at a private nursery or, like we do, five mornings or afternoons at a nursery school. He is very tired but is having an amazing time, playing new games, making new friends and learning lots during his play. It's a wonderful opportunity for him but I miss him very much indeed;

An awful picture of me (because I took it) but I just love his cheeky face!

There has been lots and lots of independant standing from this little man;

On the floor, on the bed, on the stairs (argh) and even on the Wii balance board;

Last night after tea he took three steps, I'm surprised you couldn't hear the cheering and clapping where you live! I don't think it'll be long and then it'll be time for shoes, he has grown so quick, has so many words and I can't believe we'll have had him for a whole year next week.

Sebastian is missing his big brother too and goes around the house in the morning looking under tables, in other rooms and over the stair gate shouting 'Nan-Nan', I'm sure when he gets used to his absence he'll love the time when he doesn't have to share me with anyone else.

He still won't nurse at the breast and I'm still pumping, how long for I'm not sure yet but am sure it'll be a discussion for my other blog before long.

I've spent the week filling custom orders from last Sunday and have set up a facebook page for my creations (go me)!

We, as volunteers are now being managed by the nct which is really rather good, we all met our new training bod yesterday, she's very nice and I have a feeling that we will continue to work well together. It was lovely to meet up with the girls that trained with me and have a good old gossip about what we're all doing. We have booked our Christmas gathering and someone suggested a night out too, maybe I'll get a bit of a social life going on now too.....?!

I have been asked to extend my peer supporter role in another children's centre in the town and things are looking good for my future with that in mind.

It's all very exciting and very busy at the mo, but good busy, if you know what I mean?

Daisie xxx

Monday, 20 September 2010

Let Them Eat Cake!

I had the most fabulous day yesterday having a charity fundraising vintage tea party with the Alternative Women's Institute.

There was more cake than you could shake a stick at;

This is where I chose to sit, next to the kendal mint cake cheese cake (OMG, I can't tell you how wonderful it tasted);

There were lots and lots of beautiful china tea cups, saucers and side plates from a very generous lady's collection who allowed us to drink tea from her treasures.

There was bunting and an amazing party atmosphere;

It had taken us two hours (and some) to get to this point and it was destroyed in a matter of minutes when 90+ vintage clad ladies turned up to eat cake.

I wish I had taken more photos of the amazing outfits that were worn, I opted in the end for a slim fitting black wrap dress, high boots and funky purple tights with my cloche hat and fancy flower brooch. I thought I looked rather fetching but as more and more people arrived I beagn to feel decidedly under dressed. I was driving too so was the only sober person by the end of proceedings. It was such fun and I can't wait until the next one!

Here is my small corner;

It was a bit slapdash and cobbled together as there were only round tables for us to use (?) so it all turned out a little higgeldy piggeldy but I made a healthy number of sales and donated a cut to the charity pot, I met some fabulous women and came home with some custom orders to fill!

Best get some sewing done!

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

My Poor Cat

What a week I have had, not to mention the poor cat. The boys and I popped to Staples after the school run on wednesday morning, when we returned home I could hear a cat crying. Had a little lookie around the street and at the back of the house, couldn't see anything so went inside to unpack etc. The guy from the end of the road came a knocking and said 'have you seen that cat' I told him I'd had a look but couldn't see anything but hoped it wasn't one of mine. He told me it was under a car near his house and was in a very bad way. I went to have a look and horror of horrors there was my very old man cat covered in blood, laying peculiarly crying his little heart out. I ran home and rang my Dad and asked if he'd come and sit with the boys, the cat had been hit by a car. I grabbed a towel and went to bring him in. He was a long way under the car and I had trouble reaching so lay down in the road and shuffled under the car. It was pouring with rain. Vincent was very wet, very cold and had obvioulsy lost alot of blood. I brought him in and dried him off a little, wrapped him in a new towel and put him in the ring sling (cat carrier down at garage, too far to go with two small boys and poorly cat). God knows what the other pet owners thought as I entered the vet visibly crying, wet hair, muddy jeans, cat in baby carrier......? We found two big wounds and he had no claws left (classic with car accidents, they extend their claws on impact to try and stop themselves moving and of course they just get torn out) but luckily nothing was broken or dislocated. The vet seemed to think that he was ok just in shock. I left him there for soem fluids, pain relief and extra TLC. He spent the night in the animal hospital in Preston and I collected him to come home on Thursday evening. It seems on closer examination that it wasn't a car but was either a dog or fox, he has lots and lots of puncture wounds all over his body, two that are quite big but they will heal in time. He has been shaken and may be brain damaged; he's having trouble walking but otherwise is his usual loving slef. I am so pleased that he is ok and in our home again. he is a very old man at more than 14 years old and I really did think this was the end of him. He is a tough little cat!

When I went to collect him our vet (who is brilliant but a little dippy) said that she'd tried to give him a wash as he was 'quite bloody still' and she knew there were children at home and didn't want them to be distressed. When I thanked her she said; 'don't thank me, he was bloody, now he is wet and bloody'

I have the alternative WI party tomorrow afternoon and feel like I am just not ready, looking forward to it thoguh :D

Daisie xxx

Monday, 13 September 2010

A Safe Place?

Just a quick set of butterfly pictures, the children and I spotted these while out and about with my parents on Sunday;

And, you know when you put something in a safe place and then can't remember where said safe place is? Well I did that and have spent almost a week looking for my empty key fobs so I could add my button photos to make them super yummy;

You like?

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 11 September 2010


folks might actually think this is a crafty blog this week!?

Another pinny, pink and lovely;

Another on not so pink but just as lovely;

I made this with realy long ties at the waist for a humongous bow;

I love this fabric, the flowers are printed in a style that makes it look like chain stitch embroidery;

And it has a mint green lining;

I have made small zippy pouches with the off cuts from these, waste not want not etc etc, pictures tomorrow.

I am going to the wonderous shop of Staples this afternoon with Elizabeth in tow to find some more manilla tags for vintage button sets and then we plan on a lazy day while Simon continues to slog away in the front of the house, more news on that when it looks different; the battoning takes an age so we have square walls and corners but doesn't look like anything until the plaster goes up....... hopefully next week.......

Daisie xxx


go and do this to your google reader!! It's fabulous, you can see everyone's pitures and words in their natural habitat! I love it, thank Jackie for pointing me in the right direction! x

Friday, 10 September 2010

Fancy Maud

Maud (well Lynsey did say they had to have old lady names) has been hiding out in Francesca's bedroom while the demolition/reconstruction is in progress. I have managed to get a bit more fair sewing done today so trooped upstairs to get Maud to model something for me. She looked mighty fine when I got there though;

This is what I managed to get done today;

I thought a pinny would be just the job for this fabulous fishy fabric.

My little helper told me it needs a good iron;

And then he took delight in the debris that covers Francesca's bedroom floor just hours after I have spent a lifetime and afternoon cleaning it;

Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lovely Buttons

In preparation for the local Alternative Women's Institute gathering where I will be holding a stall on the 19th, I ordered some adjustable silver ring blanks and then I turned them into these beauties;

It was hard deciding which bits of my stash I would be willing to part with but after the first couple they just looked so brilliant it spurred me on and I have twenty or so ready for sale.

I also had the photograph I took of my buttons many moons ago printed as I had a brilliant idea but alas, could not find the other main component part, tsk, will have another search tomorrow. Typical though, isn't it? You put something safe and can you remember where it is, never, bloody baby brain :(

While trawling through my boxes (of which there are many) I came across many fifies sets cut from garments that haven't seen the light of day since I found them and put them in a box! So thought it was about time they had a new home and some love, or purpose;

And because it's nearly Christmas (oh yes it is!!) I have made some more ice skates;

These are now snuggled in a box with some felt christmas trees with button baubles ready for the fair.

The Alternative WI was set up by eight local women who hire a venue, invite all their friends, all of whom buy a ticket and bake a cake, we then gather and eat said cake, bitch, nag and everything else that's good in a women only environment. There is a raffle and games and this year me (donating 10% of any sales) stuffing my face with cake, all money raised is donated to charity, the chosen charity this year is papyrus. And to add even more fun to the proceedings, this year we have a bar!!

Can't wait ;)

Daisie xxx

PS: if anyone fancies any of the rings (£2) or button cards (priced in picture) please let me know before the 19th and you can have them instead, you are my favourites after all! x

Monday, 6 September 2010

A New School Year

I seem to be a very bad blogger at the moment, sorry.

I can't believe that my girlies go back to school this time into a year five and year two class, scary indeed;

I may be a bad blogger but have been a good Mummy and made Francesca a new book bag;

She loves it!!

I love this picture I took of my Dad and Sebastian;

We have been making lots of things which include these yummy cakes;

And these very funky bread 'rolls' (I use the term loosely) to go with soup for our tea, Elizabeth crfated some beautiful plaits and Nathaniel made some cottage loaves because he liked sticking his finger all the way through and Francesca made a pair of snails;

I do worry about them sometimes......?

Daisie xxx