Tuesday, 18 December 2012

O Christmas Tree

We have had our fair share of trees, little cheap (read crap) ones, a real one that lived in the garden and came in for the festivities until it became too big for it's pot (it now lives in the ground at my in-law's cottage and looks very happy indeed!), a not so cheap one and a huge one we inherited when my parents emigrated last year.

It's enormous and I love it!

I don't do classy, I don't do colour themes, I don't do organised and regimented, I do chuck it all on and laugh and cry at the memories stored there.

Elizabeth's first Christmas bauble that my mother-in-law bought for her on holiday in France before she was even born;

A felt stocking that Francecsa made when in year 2 and an 'ice cube' that Elizabeth made in year 4;

A painted pasta gaarland that Elizabeth brought home from nursery school (2004), a salt dough yellow Christmas tree from the same year and a beaded pipe cleaner that Nathaniel made at nursery school;

A pudding pom pom that I made last year;

A left over button wreath I made for a fair a couple of years ago and a wooden moon that my Mum gave to me when I left home (I have a few from their tree from when I was a little girl);

Sebastian added the tin foil star he made with his childminder last Christmas, he wouldn't hear of anything else on the top;

There are all kinds of decorations that the children have made over the years and decorations we have been gifted or gathered on our travels. It does look a bit like a Christmas shop has vomitted on my tree but I do love it;

This is our 18th Christmas together, I do wonder if there will be room for all the delights we'll collect in the next twenty years and if not will we need two trees....?

Daisie xxx

Monday, 17 December 2012

Still Alive

It's a funny thing, life.

It gets in the way but in a very enjoyable (on the whole) kind of way.

I have been keeping the shop stocked (and collecting my earnings), working hard, mothering intensely, fulfilling wifely duties and preparing for Christmas.

The presents are wrapped, the tree is up (just) and decorated, only some knitting to finish and a couple of friends to catch up with before the madness begins.

I managed to ice the cake too;

I hope the preparations are managable for you all and if they're not I hope there is drink to hand?!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A Proper Shop!!

I had a very exciting day yesterday (and I really deserved it after last week; a poorly Seb and a course of steroids after hanging around forever, no sleep for many many days, a car death and refusal from the RAC to collect me as I had coasted to a halt outside a kwik-fit, an £800 garage bill, no car for a week, a cold from hell that has swept through the house and floored us all one after the other, I could go on but need to stop for breath!), I went to meet with the lovely Libby and the wonderful Wayne at No 6;

I said I had been approached by a couple of outlets during the mammoth fair of last month and this one came off. They rang me and after a few cancelled appointments due to the illness from hell I went down to the gallery yesterday. It's a very new venture and still has the last owner's sign above the door (they only moved in a week ago) but I did say (in very enthusiastic terms) that No 6 should stay as it's simple and classy and does exactly what it says on the tin!!

There are currently around 26 artists displaying work at No 6, there are textile arts, paint ( water colour, acrylic, spray), sculpture, turned wood, furniture etc. It made my heart swell that Libby described my work as art. Kind of is really; an idea, a creation, a tactile artwork to wear but I never thought of it like that before.

This is my little corner;

There are a few items that Libby and I would like to add so am knitting like a loon while snuggling a poorly Francesca on the sofa.

Next week sees the arrival of their coffee machine and I have said I may bake scones too, so if you are in and aorund Burnley and fancy popping in to say hi (feel free to mention me) and view all the wonderful creations and get yourself a cuppa go along to No 6, Standish Street!!

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

From One Extreme To Another

Lots of people admired my chunky knitted cowls and ear warmers (and some people bought some to take home) at the fair this weekend. A lovely couple showed interest in stocking some of my chunky knits in their shop (just waiting to hear) but there were a few older ladies who told me it was 'cheating' to be knitting on such big pins with such chunky yarn. Yes it's quick and simple but really effective and eye catching!

I am currently working on a bag pattern for my strokable Artesano yarn for said couple but I am also knitting a shawl with some super skinny yarn on tiny 2mm needles.

So from one extreme;

The lovely Lizi

To another;

Like knitting a spider's web

I can't wait to see how this looks when it's finished. The yarn is a very fine cotton in white with a metallic silver thread running through it, my photography skills (or lack thereof) don't really do it justice.

Daisie xxx

Monday, 22 October 2012

Back To Normal, Whatever That May Be.........

I had a fantastic weekend, met some beautiful people at the fair, sold some lovelies and was approached by two shops who would like to stock some of my knit wear :)

I have had a day of no making, the first for many weeks. Seb and I pottered around in town and bought some new slippers, found Elizabeth some shoes she has been after for a while, changed the beds, washed the floors, the usual really with lots of snuggles spread throughout the day.

We have no Simon tonight so we have talked and eaten cauliflower cheese as just five. It was good to catch up, I have missed them!

And after tea we all had a try on of Elizabeth's new accessory;

Elizabeth rocking the specs

Nathaniel - eyes closed

Nathaniel eyes open

Cute Francesca

Sebastian did have a go too and looked super cute but refused to let us take his picture. Will catch him off guard one day and show you.

Anyhow, have done half of Nathaniel's homework with him, best go and get him finished and ready for bed.

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Busy Weekend

One day down, two to go at the Pendle Art and Vintage Market.

This is my pitch, right inside the front doors;

Nelson is one of Mary Portas' Pilot towns and it's all going on this weekend. I am based in The Ace Centre with other crafters and makers, there is also amazing exhibitions by local artists and photographers. There are more stalls, workshops, fashion shows and a vintage tea room over at The Victory Centre (just three minutes walk round the corner). A lovely lady was around yesterday taking pictures for the council, you can see some here.

If you are near (and able) please pop along and say hello to me, the wonderful Lynsey will be there all weekend and the fabulous Heather will be joining the fun at the Victory Centre on Sunday.

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 13 October 2012


I feel so foolish and cross with myslef.

I have a three day fair coming up next Friday, I have the migraine from hell (day four) and thought I'd just potter about today, find my things, wash the stall cloth and gather myself together in preparation.

Oh no, some silly woman (that would be me) has tidied and put things away! I had a large stock of Gruffalo inspired monsters and Christmas puddings and ice skates and mini button wreaths and can I find the damn things, oh no, I cannot :(

I sold lots at a fair last November and I know we gifted some to teachers last December but there should be between 20 and 30 in a bag somewhere.......

The location of said bag is a mystery.

So today I stayed in my PJs, popped pills, drank warm drinks, kept the heating on, snuggled with my small people and watched 101 Dalmations and made these;

Think I may need to make a few more don't you?!

Daisie xxx

Monday, 8 October 2012

I Really Shouldn't

.....take photographs of myself, it never ends well. It matters not from what angle I do it or how many mirrors I have postioned around me to see the little screen on my camera, it matters not what time of day it is or what it is I'm modelling, it is just never how I want it to be.

But bad hair, bad skin, puffy eyes, dodgy backgrounds and odd angles aside, I do knit a mean ear warmer :)

Daisie xxx

Saturday, 6 October 2012

World Card Making Day

According to the lovely Ruth over at Tip Top Toppers, today is world card making day.

So I thought I'd pop in and show you the beautiful card that Francesca made for her friend Imogen;

They are off ice skating tomorrow in celebration!

Daisie xxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012


I am now so glad I didn't tell you I was going to have a go at Blogtober because you'd have realised that I right royally failed when I didn't get around to posting this last night;

A lovely green button wreath for a very special customer (who is really rather pleased with it, which pleases me).

Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Just been checking out dates for parents' event for this coming term and saw Elizabeth's amazing pencil case on the front page, the header picture changes every few seconds and there it is, second row back looking luverly :)

What made you smile today?

Daisie xxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

05.11.1996 - 29.09.2012

A sad day yesterday as we buried our very old man cat Vincent in the garden (deep enough and far away enough from the house so he won't be disturbed if any future owners want to build an extension).

I am missing our small four legged pal, he has been in our lives for such a long time. He was never meant to be our cat. A colleague's cat had kittens and we took two off her hands (Josephine and Hercule) but the third tom had a home. Within a few days Vincent's new owners decided he wasn't for them and he came to join his brother and sister with us on New Year's Eve 1996.

He got caught in the door as a kitten and had a 'gammy' leg all his life, he came home one day about ten years ago with a broken tail so held it at a jaunty angle forever more. He survived a dog/fox attack a while ago. We really did think the old chap would out live us all!!

But on Saturday evening a bloke from across the road knocked and called Simon outside, Simon came back with a very dead cat. It appears the man's dog had got hold of Vincent and he was unable to seperate them before the damage was done. Although I am grateful for his bravery in coming to tell us I am so very angry and sad.

It will be nice to leave my knitting out and know it will not end up covered in little soft white hairs and I can leave food unattended knowing he will not sneak in a sample it but I miss his warm weight on my toes at night and miss him snuggling against me in the cold evenings. He has left a very big hole.

Bye Vincent, we will remember you fondly x

Happy Birthday Little Man

Mr Sebastian showed us just how grown up he's become last week when he spent an age snuggling the tiny (week old) baby Jacob;

Last Friday we celebrated him turning three (three, really?!), where has that time gone??

Being three and having to blow three big candles out after the birthday song was hard work, it took him soooo long to blow out all three but would have help from no one;

Happy Birthday my little man Seb x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My New Favourite Yarn

I know, I know, whatever I am knitting with at any one time is my favourite yarn but I was lucky enough to get some of this wonderful Artesano yarn at a not too expensive price. I opted for the super chunky as I had some small winter projects in mind. It feels soooooo nice and the definition and finish is lovely.

 I knitted this cowl and it sold within hours of me putting the picture up on the Facebook page :)

Elizabeth knitted this ear warmer affiar (more than a headband but not quite a hat), well she got me to cast on and she knit about ten rows and then got me to finish it and asked me to knit her a flower while I watched Dr Who last night.

I quite like it;

And it looks great on;

Daisie x

Monday, 10 September 2012

Face Fur

Elizabeth played Fagin in a year six final production at school before the summer.

She had an eye-liner beard.

She looked cool!

Together we spent a wet Sunday afternoon during the summer holidays doodling shapes on paper and cutting felt and wrapping wooden kebab skewers in ribbon to create this little amusing set;

British Airman (think 'Allo 'Allo)

Angry Mexican?

May I tickle your fancy?

Apologies for the bad hair and the double chin, as I said, it was a wet Sunday afternoon!!

Daisie x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Apologies To My Biggest Baby

It seems I am unable to take good pictures of this one, sorry Elizabeth!!

She turned 11 a few weeks ago and is now off to the Community College over the road.

She looks so small in her big and hideously shaped blazer.

I text her earlier to tell her how she missed all the excitement (and swearing) when the exhaust fell off the car en route to the primary school. She thought it was rather funny and text me back at lunchtime to express her mirth and to tell me that everyone looks stupid in their new uniform so she's not alone!

Good luck to everyone else out there that starts the exciting and incredibly scary journey through high school!!

Daisie x

Friday, 24 August 2012

School Sewing

The coolest pencil case in Year Seven, nay, Lancashire, nay, the world, nay, the universe!!!!!

I had an idea and Elizabeth liked it muchly.

So yesterday morning I grabbed the fabric she wanted and the iron on interfacing (I hate the stuff) and a zip and started chopping.

I always do that, never really plan, just go from the picture in my head and although I feel I should win awards am very pleased with the zippy pocket it could have been bigger. Not everything she needed to house had room.

So I made a little zippy pouch to keep her colouring pencils safe;

Think I may need one for me too........ Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I Knitted For Me!!

Well, we've had another birthday, Miss Elizabeth is 11;

I am madly knitting like a mad knitty woman for a baby due anyday and to be honest I think he will arrive before I have even got the border picked-up-and-knitted!!

I have felt very down in the dumps lately and was turned down for my dream job (after leaving the interview feeling like the job was mine) which only made me feel worse.

I was inspired by the wonderful Kath over at Juicy Fig when she worte about her knitting and I decided it was about time I broke open a ball band or two of my beautiful Freedom Spirit that has been looking at me daily since last year's Knitting and Stitching show.

It was a joy to knit, even the 633 sticthes for the frill!!

But a beggar to photograph.

Jauntily tied to the side

Splayed out in all it's glory

Happy face when tied to the front (keep that clevage warm)

Draped across back of neck (or nice shot of hair)

Bad pictures but I hope they give you a feel for my beautiful new favourite winter scarf!!

How's it going with you?

Daisie x