Monday, 18 March 2013

Half Way To 70

 My husband was very kind to point out exactly how old I turned on my birthday last weeek (I'll be kind and not tell what he's half way to), it seems not so old some days and very old on others, I don't get hung up on numbers (cos that's all they are really) but what really annoys me and seems greatly unfair is spots and wrinkles?! What is that all about?? Surely if I am old enough for one I should not still be sprouting the other?

I got some lovely gifts and cards from those special people in my life.

My new favourite mug;

A brilliant book bought on the recommendation of the lovely Jenny and a new work mug from my colleagues;

30 minute knits is fab (and it was bought for a bargain price via ebay) and the children have lined up projects for me already. I managed to knit this little angry bird inspired chap for Nathaniel while we snuggled on Saturday afternoon;

My littlest sister brought me a huge chocolate cake she had baked for tea. I got to go to work in my PJs as we were 'doing something funny for money'. My very dear friend bought me some tea towels, I have been asking for new tea towels for over a year and of all the ears I have nagged she came through, I now have six beautiful, bright tea towels not be ashamed off! My friend Gil (my Knit&Stitch companion) gave me a huge bag of beautiful yarns (which will get their own post soon), she said as they were destash we couldn't really call them a present but they made me squeal with delight!

So all in all I don't mind much being half way to seventy!!

Daisie xxx

PS: Thank you to everyone who wished me well after my last post. I am still full of snot and sore throaty but can manage to get showered without wanting to cry. I am coming out the other side (so to speak) now, it is the worst lurgy I have had in  a very very long time!!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day

A day to celebrate the people we have become and the people we have created.

I spent the day in and out of bed struggling to control a temp of 39/40, feeling very sorry for myself.

Four small beautiful people brought me their offerings and lemsip throuout the day.

A small oil on canvas painting from Elizabeth;

A fantastic card from Nathaniel;

School does not make Mother's Day or Father's Day cards with the children anymore which is very sad. On a Friday afternoon there is an hour of 'golden time', a reward to the children that have worked hard all week, they can choose an activity (craft, outdoor play, dress-up, TV time) and Nathaniel chose to make me a card, all on his own which makes it even more special!!

Sebastian made some foot prints with his nursery teachers, he cut out the flower and wrote his name all by himself;

Francesca made me a beautiful card filled with lots and lots of love;

Beautiful things to treasure.

It would have been a perfect day had I not had the flu from hell!!

Hope all my fellow Mummies the world over were spoilt rotten yesterday!

Daisie xxx

Sunday, 3 March 2013

One Huge Knitted Puff

I hate to think of the amount of spam comments I'm going to get with a post title like that but it is what it is - exactly as it says on the tin (so to speak);

One huge knitted puff;

Or pouffe, if you'd rather.

Our bean bags had seen better days and when we are all together movie watching on a Sunday afternoon there are too many bums for seats and it's always me that ends up on the floor with a numb bum and pins and needles in my feet.

So I had a good old look round the web and found a wonderful knitted puff, only £92, well, that was a bit beyond my budget.

So a little more time with good old goggle (it really can be your best friend) and I found some good tutorials but the yarn suggested was (at cheapest) going to cost me around £70 and then I'd have to stuff the thing. I was resigned to a life on the floor when inspiration struck.

Around 500g of chunky sirdar click in peppercorn left over from my blanket knitting a while ago (can't find the post, sorry) knitted with a double strand on 10mm needles and stuffed with a smartprice duvet.

A good place to sit and eat your danish pastry;

Or have a snooze;

And show everyone your spiderman trainers because that will enrich their lives immeasurable;

No more numb bum for me thank you very much!

Daisie xxx