Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Happy Birthday Sebastian

Two years ago today our smallest boy entered the world and made our family complete.

It was a long hard day, after a battle with my iron levels I was eventually 'allowed' to birth him at home only for him to be a million days late over a fortnight late so had to go in and have my labour induced.

Nathaniel and I spent all morning waiting at the hospital waiting and waiting. They evetually got around to giving me the jelly at lunchtime. Simon arrived and took Nathaniel to school to fetch his sisters. My lovely friend Claire (don't know where we'd have been without her) brought them all back to the hospital with a picnic.

We spent the evening together as a family, I had a bath and the girls gave me some peer massage they had learnt at school, it wasn't what I wanted but it was alright. Just before 9 I wanted to push so after a quick shift change a new midwife took me down stairs, I delivered Sebastian just after nine. I fed him, introduced him to the rest of his very tired (but so well behaved) family.` I bathed and dressed, dressed my newest addition and drove us home. Everyone was snug in their bed before midnight.

I think he is the luckiest boy, he arrived and was so brand new and already he had five people that loved him so much!

He is built like a rugby player, he has shoulders like his father, big and strong. A fact we were grateful for when he suffered a terible bout of pneumonia when he was just ten weeks old. He walked and jumped early and is so full of joy. He hides his hands and makes jokes. He is kind and affectionate and we love him so.

Sebastian pretending he's a big boy with his brother Nathaniel;

Happy birthday little man, can't believe it's two years ago!!