Saturday, 1 June 2013

Half Term

Week one of half term is all over already! Myself and the middle two have another week at home. Poor Elizabeth, Simon and Sebastian are back on Monday. Sebastian is only going to do his funded hours as he doesn't need to be there all day while I'm not at work, I am looking forward to having time with my smallest people while feeling very sorry for the others. They will come home to many baked goods though which should compensate slightly.

Working full time for the last half term has taken it out of me a bit, I am very tired and (sometimes) grouchy, snappy, teary and sulky. I do tend to over cuddle when I feel like this so I think the children take it all in their stride and know how much I love them.

While we could all be together we packed up our tent and headed off Whitby way.

A mixed week of sunshine and rain, cold and glorious sunny heat. And lots and lots of time together. Just what we needed!!

Our temporary home for the week.

Seb enjoying an ice cream in the sun.

The sheep that lived in the field next to the campsite.

My baby goth at the train station.

Sir Nigel Gresley on the NYR

Elizabeth the steam bus (Seb insisted it was Bertie).

Chips in a bucket!

Thankful for crisps and Thomas DVDs on cold rainy evenings.

A bit misty.

An atmospheric trip to Whitby Abbey.

All my babies in the mist.

The sunny sea at Sandsend.

A lovely week. My poor washing machine hasn't stopped since we got home last night, I only have the sleeping bags to wash and the tent to air and then it's all done and can be put away until the end of July when our next trip is planned.

How has your week been?

Daisie xxx