Friday, 5 April 2013

Easter Holidays Part One

The first week of the holidays have gone already, how is that possible??

Simon had a long weekend at home with us which was lovely, I do like us all being together!

The last week summed up in a few pictures;

Nathaniel next to a huge snow drift on our walk

The first completed Christmas gift of 2013.

Me and my four finest creations, not a great pic but we're so rarely snapped together I had to share.

50p pumps, yes 50p, 25p per foot :)

Seb's knitted super powers.

Playdough; removes all age barriers known to man.

Two small baker boys.

Elizabeth's playdough creation - see; no age limit :)

Fun with duplo in the bath because we got too cold outside and needed to warm our bones
Look at his eye lashes!!

Next week sees (hopefully) a trip to Harrogate on Tuesday, work on Thursday and any number of fun activities inbetween.

Hope you're all having fun and staying warm?!

Daisie xxx

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dropstitch said...

I love the feel of playdough. I might try to get Dulcie hooked soon, once she can prove she can be around her crayons without eating them! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holidays :)