Saturday, 16 May 2009

We Have A Bed!!

It arrived on Wednesday afternoon and I made Simon put it together when he came home from work (even though he had been working late) and then couldn't stop giggling when we got in (not what he had in mind me thinks). The excitement and luxury of being in a proper bed after sooo long on the futon in the spare room and to be surrounded by our beautiful new bedroom was just too much! I have slept amazingly well and feel really refreshed :-)

Here is the little beauty;

I do have a pic of Simon and all the children piled into it yesterday morning but there is adult male nipple and I didn't want to embarrass anyone!

And just to show how much I love him and the brilliant things he does for us all I made him pickled onions. Ugh! I would personally rather eat my own vomit (although why my own and not someone elses, which would surely be as vile is beyond me) than consume a pickled onion. The smell alone makes me want to stick my head in the toilet! So I spent ages peeling millions of little onions and boiling vinegar with many spices and chillis within. My house smelt horrible. I then decanted everything (after straining and cooling and such like) into these rather fancy air tight jars I bought especially;

In around eight weeks (or as long as he can bear to keep his hands off them) the smell will be released and I will have the pleasure (not) of listening to him crunch away. I did suggest that I just buy him some from the shops but he says homemamde is soooo much better. This is how much I love this man!

Daisie xxx


bekimarie said...

You must really love him lol!
Must be lovely to have a proper bed after a futon and it looks very inviting.
Take care
Beki xxx

Jude said...

Beautiful bed!! May you have many happy memories and dreams in it....well, you did say how much you loved your husband!
I just love homemade pickled onions, except for the after-breath..

oldbagcrafts said...

Hope he appreciates the onions!

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely bed!! a good night's sleep at last!!
Love is......handmade pickled onions by a wife who detests them!!

Sharon xx