Sunday, 31 May 2009

A Quick Princess Update

Well, Wednesday the children, their friend Myah and I trooped off to Eureka! in Halifax, brilliant day and not too busy either. Thought it might be a nightmare as it's half term and the heavens had opened and it poured down all day!

Thursday they were all very tired so we had a day at home. I ironed and did loads and loads of laundry, it was so sunny, I had washed three machine fulls and got them dry by soon after lunch. Great! Until I had to unhang it and pile it all in the empty ironing basket :-(

I also managed to put together Francesca's chandelier;

It was very fiddly and took ages but it was worth it for the delight it brought her;

I had a cork notice board in the spare room and we had to take it down to paint so I gathered together some bits and pieces;

And came up with this;

I found a good photo of our wedding for her and some lovely pictures of the fat smiley baby she used to be, I made a knit-wit flower in very fine satin ribbon (a terrible faff but looks really rather good);

There are lots of lovely girlie pegs on the board so she can add photos and pictures and party invites etc.

Her bedroom is now complete with a net canopy over the bed, new bed clothes, pictures and pink fairy lights. Unfortunately as soon as she had spent her first night in there we had to then add Elizabeth in her Dr. Who bedding to the bottom bunk and many boxes of books and lots of other things so that we can make a start on painting Elizabeth's bedroom.

This time next week it will all be done and then we can go back to proper family time together at weekends and holiday time. No more painting for a while......

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Wow, busy, week...
The bedroom looks fab and I'm sure she's going to have many wonderful hours in there entertaining and dreaming. Good luck with the next one............

Tip Top said...

That is a lovely photo of her!! And love the light thingy (can't spell the posh word!)