Friday, 5 November 2010

I Would Really Like.....

..... to make several gifts for Christmas this year as well as things for my beautiful, coming along nicely thank you, will be habitable by the end of December, handmade home.

I have lots of things planned in my head and wanted to just write them down for the record (I may make a list in the sidebar so you can see my progress and shout at me if it gets too slow).

For the house (you will soon realise Kirsty is not a patch on me)!

2 (if not more) quilted fabric buckets to sit beside the sofa for knitting and magazines and such stuff that usually clutters all surfaces in our house.

8 quilted table mats, I have taken inspiration from several posts about mug rugs, up scaled the whole idea and have a plan!

A table runner to match above.

A curtain to hide the bean bags and vaccuum behind in the cave under the stairs (which will be much more visible when the wall is knocked through and needs to be pretty).

For Christmas Gifts

1 knitted dinosaur (started but a long way to go for young master Sebastian).

1 man bag (for Nathaniel).

3 sets of bunting made with festive fabric.

1 funny hem skirt (Elizabeth's request, I'm going to measure her and do the Cal Patch thing and then get her to draw me the hem line she wants and do it in secret for a brilliant christmas suprise).

A mahoosive blanket/quilt affair for our bedroom, a gift to Simon and myself.

A fruit cake.

Several batches of mince pies but will leave til December.

A festive robbin.

3 fleecey bears.

1 green sock monkey.

I'm sure other things will pop into my head but I can't think of anything else I need to make at the moment......

So I just need to cram all of that around four children, school, nursery, seven hours peer support, playgroup, cooking etc.

Thank goodness I have someone to help with the house work;

Daisie xxx


Anonymous said...

This is a major list even with your 'help'(v cute)! I have a similar list with some of the same items on it too. Good luck with it all x

Jackie said...

Good luck with that one then! I'd get the mincies donie now..make them n 12s. Put them in the tins and freeze uncooked, they can be pushed out and stored in bags once frozen so you can put more in the tin. At christmas you can bake them fresh. Et Voila! Supermum. And they taste good too for having been chilled.

Swirlyarts said...

Send him round here - I could do with a housework helper. the girls are currently being pains about clearing up the front room!!

niftyknits said...

so we're clearly not talking about Christmas 2010?

niftyknits said...

Meant to say - totally agree with Jackie. I tend to partbake my mincepies though, they go in the oven still frozen and be done in next to no time.

Jude said...

Good grief!!!
What are you trying to do?? show the rest of us up???
Good luck, I'll watch the side-bar...
Take care

Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow, you are going to be busy!
Just found your blog and loving it.

Florrie said...

Brilliant.....I'm so glad there's other bloggers and crafters out there who think that on the run up to Christmas we are blessed with 48 hour days, and what the heck, let's not worry about adding a few more things to the MAKE list,lol.
I'm definately going to be making and crafting my little socks off too........from one optimistic crafter to another......good luck!
florrie x
BTW, joined your followers list.